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Making Art with the Pieces:
A Meditative Path to
Building Resilience

The “Making Art With the Pieces” program will be implemented with Recovery Coaches to achieve two goals:

- Educate recovery coaches on the use of meditative art as a self-care tool
- Educate recovery coaches on the use of meditative art as a coaching tool to build resilience in their program participants

Recovery Coaches can play a pivotal role in shepherding individuals through the stages of recovery to improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and to reach their full potential. As important as it is for them to develop new skills for engaging program participants, it’s also as important for them to support their own personal well-being.

The Making Art program can be used to meet these goals through teaching participants meditative drawing as a self-care tool and discussing key resilience building skills. They will spend time engaged in the meditative drawing process for their own well-being, as well as engaged in facilitated discussions about developing and enhancing key resilience skills for themselves and their program participants.

The program includes multiple components to ensure skill development and sustainability, including five facilitated face to face sessions, distribution of participant journals, coaching calls, and pre/post use and outcome surveys. The program is designed to support resilience by skill building in the areas of Connectedness, Empathy, Routine, Imagination, Positivity, SelfLove, Goals, Perspective, SelfDiscovery, and Change. #ZenTe

Each Session Includes:
● Education on skill & art form
● Facilitated group discussion
● Individualized action plan development
● Completion of artwork
● Workshop evaluation
● Followup evaluation

Session Objectives:

● Learn new meditative designs
● Complete individual plans for improving resilience building skills
● Experience meditative process by completing meditative drawing(s)

Program Outcomes:

● Recovery Coach participants will learn meditative drawing as a new self-care tool
● Recovery Coach participants will develop individual action plans for developing and enhancing key resilience building skills
● Recovery Coach participants will identify strategies for implementing and sustaining use of tools with their program participants
● Pre/Post use and resilience outcome data collected

Participant Criteria:

● Artistic ability, preferred not mandatory

● Empathetic personality

● Previous coaching/facilitation experience preferred

● Current or prospective Recovery/Peer Coach.

● Ability to attend every aspect of the pilot program (6 month program)