CRCC operates a Recovery Community Center (RCC), which is managed

by a small staff and many volunteers. The RCC exists for people in long-term recovery, family members and friends to be become peer volunteers, who can be of service to help others seeking recovery. The RCC is a place where we can create an atmosphere of hope, wellness and support for better living in Recovery!

Peer Recovery Support Services:

The programs offered at CRCC’s RCC are non-clinical services primarily developed and run by peers in recovery and others whose lives have been touched by loved ones with substance use disorders. We believe recovery to be a self-defined process with many possible pathways to achieving the improved quality of life and well-being that comes with recovery. We’re dedicated to helping individuals navigate those pathways and overcome obstacles they encounter on their journey to recovery. We try not to duplicate services that are currently available to the public. All the activities and program services offered by CRCC are provided at no cost to participants.

The RCC provides the following services:

  • Peer support
  • Information services
  • Recovery group meetings
  • Spiritual development
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Peer outreach and mentoring
  • Peer leadership
  • Family support and recovery education
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • Resume preparation
  • Skill building
  • Access to computers
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