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CRCC Director: Museum of African American Addictions Treatment& Recovery 2023 Hall of Fame Recipient

Each year the Museum’s Hall of Fame Committee selects a minimum of three members for its Hall of Fame Class. These are individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Substance Use Disorders Treatment and Recovery.

The 2023 recipients are: David T. Jones, Dr. Dawn Tyus, Dora Dantzler-Wright, Dr. Jonathan Lofgren and Dr. Dietra Hawkins.

Introducing the 2023 recipients:

Dora Dantzler-Wright is a national leader in the recovery oriented systems of care movement. She is founder of Chicago Recovering Communities Coalition, the first Recovery Community Organization in the State of Illinois. Her work is multifaceted. She is an advocate for substance use disorders treatment and recovery. She organizes The Annual Recovery Olympics which utilizes sports to celebrate recovery. Dora prepares individuals with lived experience to become certified recovery support specialists. She also offers recovery support services in African American and other underserved communities and operates a women recovery home. She speaks nationally on substance use disorders treatment and recovery.

David T. Jones is Chief Behavioral Health Officer for the State of Illinois. He is former Commissioner of the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability and Director of the Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery for the State of Illinois. David has provided decades of leadership and innovative services in two of the largest behavioral health systems in the country. Areas of innovation have included: development of recovery oriented systems of care; mobile treatment; harm reduction; medication assisted recovery; housing first; partnerships with allied systems including school districts, criminal justice and child welfare systems to promote recovery.

Dr. Dawn Tyus is the Director and Principle Investigator of Southeast Addiction Technology Transfer Center and The African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence at Morehouse School of Medicine. The latter organization is geared to help strengthen the behavioral health workforce's ability to service African Americans seeking behavioral health services more effectively. Dr. Tyus also actively works with faith communities to build their skill set in working with individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. She is a member of the ATTC National CLAS Standards Workgroup and the Morehouse School of Medicine National Center for Primary Care Diversity and Inclusion Workgroup.

Dr. Jonathan Lofgren directed the African American Center of Excellence in Minnesota and he created the Collegiate Recovery Program at Minneapolis college where he is a member of the faculty in the Addictions Counseling Program. Dr. Lofgren is a founding board member of the Center for African American Recovery Development (CAARD). He is a nationally sought after speaker on working with African Americans with substance use disorders. He advocates on the need for recovery support expansion in African American Communities and is co-author of The Definition of Recovery Principles for African Americans. Dr. Lofgren is a member of the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, board member of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education and the Minneapolis Association of Black Psychologists.

Dr. Dietra Hawkins is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works nationally and internationally to help organizations with systems transformation. Her areas of expertise include: recovery oriented systems of care; asset based community development; healing racism; diversity, equity and inclusion. Dr. Hawkins is the Director of Consultation and Training at Yale University, Program for Recovery and Community Health. Dr. Hawkins research focus include: addressing racial and ethnic healthcare disparities; organizational systems change and transformation; HIV prevention/interventions; qualitative and community based participatory research; recovery and community engagement; cultural competence. She hosts popular dinner events which bring people together to have meaningful conversations on racism.

The Museum of African American Addictions Treatment& Recovery is an online resource that serves as a single location where individuals who are interested in information about addictions, treatment, and recovery among African Americans can be found. The site contains historical data, scholarly articles, educational videos, music and DVDs.


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