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Join the Recovery United Taskforce in Illinois!

Calling All Recovery Support Service Providers in Illinois

Objective: Enhance organizational and structural changes for recovery-oriented institutions and community-based organizations to ensure the long-term viability of RSS in Illinois.

We are excited to invite Recovery Support Service Providers to join the Statewide Recovery United Taskforce. This initiative aims to bolster the capacity of RSS providers across Illinois' 102 counties, fostering improvements and creating lasting change within our communities.

Participation Benefits:

  1. Establishing a Recovery Leadership Steering Committee: Comprising representatives from five regional recovery-oriented institutions and community-based organizations (RICBs), this committee will mobilize RSS providers in each county.

  2. Identifying and Supporting County Providers: 34 RSS county providers will receive ongoing technical assistance (TA) through the Task Force, supported by regional representatives.

  3. Development of Statewide Task Force: This TF will convene monthly to strengthen RICBs and their networks.

  4. Conducting Needs Assessment: Conduct ongoing assessments to identify county competencies, skills, certification, gaps, and needs.

  5. Training Initiatives: Offering trauma-informed culturally competent training for TF members and staff, commencing Apr. 1, 2024, and continuing annually.

  6. Financial Support: Providing additional funds to RLSC members to address region-specific needs.

  7. Capacity Building: Offering TA for county representatives to implement practical approaches in local service delivery and community support, starting May 1, 2024.

  8. Fundraising Strategies: Providing TA to TF county representatives for developing innovative fundraising strategies to cover PRSS costs not covered by Medicaid, starting Jun. 1, 2024, and continuing annually.

How to Get Involved:

Recovery Support Service Providers in Chicago are crucial to this transformative effort. Your participation will contribute significantly to enhancing RSS capacity across Illinois. Join us in building a stronger, more supportive network for recovery-oriented institutions and community-based organizations.

Take Action Today!

Contact Dora Dantzler-Wright to learn more and become a part of this impactful initiative. Together, let's create enduring change and support the diverse needs of our communities through effective Recovery Support Services.

Dora Dantzler-Wright, BS, CADC, NCRS, CPRS, RCT

Founder / Executive Director Chicago Recovering Communities Coalition Direct: 773.417.2045 x205 Email:; Twitter: @chicagocrcc | Site:

Your involvement matters. Join us in shaping the future of recovery support in Illinois!


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