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CRCC Awarded 2023 SAMHSA Statewide Recovery Network Grant to Transform Access to Recovery in IL

September 21, 2023

Chicago, IL – The Chicago Recovery Communities Coalition (CRCC) has been awarded a substantial grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to propel the transformative "Recovery United" project, aiming to revolutionize the support systems for individuals, families, and recovery institutions grappling with substance use and co-occurring disorders (SUD and COD) throughout Illinois.

Commencing in September 2023, this three-year initiative will empower the recovery community by fostering collaboration, innovation, and capacity building within Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS). The Recovery United project seeks to usher in a new era of comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable recovery services for Illinois residents impacted by SUD and COD, a need that has never been more critical.

Central to the project's success is the involvement of five regional partners, strategically located throughout the state, who will form the Recovery Leadership Steering Committee (RLSC). This dynamic force is dedicated to driving change and enhancing recovery-oriented institutions and community-based organizations across all 102 counties of Illinois. By fostering collaboration and shared expertise, the RLSC aims to eliminate service fragmentation, reduce unnecessary costs, and ensure uninterrupted care delivery by establishing vital linkages.

CRCC’s Partners Advancing Recovery Support in Illinois

In the upcoming Recovery Linkage and Support Community (RLSC) initiative, two key regional partners will play pivotal roles:

  • NIRCO: Empowering Recovery in Northern Illinois: NIRCO, a peer-led Recovery Community Organization (RCO), affiliated with Faces and Voices of Recovery's ARCO, is dedicated to promoting recovery principles and strengthening recovery advocacy within Northern Illinois. NIRCO's previous initiatives, including the BCOR project, have focused on delivering evidence-based recovery support services, advocating for recovery, and providing technical assistance to communities.

  • Take Action Today: Fostering Recovery in Southern Illinois: Take Action Today (TAT), a faith-based, not-for-profit organization, passionately advocates for the recovery community in Southern Illinois. Their initiatives include the Recovery Resource Center Initiative, establishing community centers, and fostering recovery community organizations through their CoRe program.

  • Live4Lali: Pioneering Harm Reduction in Illinois: Live4Lali, a Statewide Harm Reduction partner, is instrumental in guiding and supporting CRCC in implementing harm reduction activities within the project. They aim to reduce stigma and prevent substance use disorders by engaging in harm reduction presentations and collaborating with various entities at local, county, state, and national levels.

These regional partners, each unique in their approach and mission, will work collectively to advance the goals of the RLSC initiative, aiming to bolster recovery support and create positive change in the lives of those impacted by addiction.

About the Recovery United Project

The Recovery United project will launch a comprehensive array of interventions designed to revolutionize the landscape of recovery services in the state. The initiative will provide targeted training that is trauma-informed and culturally competent, enhancing the delivery of PRSS and fostering a more inclusive approach to serving marginalized populations.

Key aspects of the project include:

  • Offering support in planning and implementing innovative approaches at the local level.

  • Tackling the financial sustainability of PRSS through groundbreaking fundraising and donor strategies.

  • Equipping participants with public relations and communications training to increase awareness and understanding of available services.

In an inspiring collaboration, CRCC will partner with Live4Lali, a statewide harm reduction organization, to strengthen local and regional efforts in harm reduction strategies, reinforcing the foundation of recovery support services and creating a more holistic approach to care.

A pivotal facet of the project is the focus on integrated primary care. The RLSC will champion the integration of Peer Recovery Support Services within primary care settings, aligning with Illinois's growing demand for a robust and sustainable peer workforce. This endeavor will ensure that recovery support becomes integral to the healthcare landscape.

Over each year, CRCC is set to touch the lives of 34 recovery institutions and community-based organizations across the diverse expanse of Illinois. With CRCC's passionate team dedicated to driving change, the Recovery United project stands poised to redefine recovery support services, fostering unity, innovation, and a brighter future for all those impacted by SUD and COD.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Dora Dantzler-Wright, BS, CADC, NCRS, CPRS, RCT Founder / Executive Director Chicago Recovering Communities Coalition Direct: 773.417.2045 x205 Email:; Twitter: @chicagocrcc | Site:


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